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A complete solution for the top Luxury brands

Our technical expertise covers all the main aspects of secondary packaging, from design to delivery, combined with absolute mastery of the manufacturing processes and standards, always in accordance with production deadlines and costs.

The close involvement and synergy of the many talents within the group make MAX LUXURY PACKAGING the partner of choice for all your projects, no matter how demanding.

Our Luxury culture means we naturally adopt the principle of “bespoke service”, based on each brand’s identity, so as to distinguish it in a unique and lasting way.

In keeping with our own beliefs and commitments, we support our customers in reducing their environmental impact, through rigorous selection of our raw materials and by participating in the European REACH programme, providing a guarantee of transparency in manufacturing operations and of health and environmental protection.
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MAX PACK is continuing to expand and recruit many talented people from different backgrounds for a variety of posts, including Packaging Project Managers, Engineers, Sales Managers, Administrators and Assistants.

If you share the same passion for our line of business, our values regarding customer service and responsiveness, high performance, mutual support and team spirit, come and express your potential and talent working alongside us. Our career opportunities are open to you, whether your ambitions lie in France or elsewhere around the world.

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Thank you to all our customers in France and around the world for their trust and loyalty. That’s our teams’ reward for the great commitment they make to their everyday work.